Rules of Conduct

  • All Students must be present in the School on the opening day after each vacation.
  • Regular attendance is a must. Absence for fifteen consecutive days during the School year and absence for three consecutive days at the beginning of the a academic year, may cause dismissal of the Student.
  • In order to obtain admittance into the class room for absence and late arrival, a signed permission of the Principal is essential.
  • At the time of School Assembly, all the Students are expected to queue up at the first bell. After the assembly, the Students disperse in silence to their class room.
  • Books not pertaining to the School curricula should not be brought to the School.
  • Any destruction or loss of School property will not be tolerated; in case of accidental damage, it should be made good by the Student responsible for such act.
  • The School is not responsible for goods lost. Possessing valuables while in the School is discouraged.
  • Students suffering from infectious disease will not attend the classes. At recovering from the illness, producing the medical certificate to the Principal is mandatory.
  • No visit to the Students is allowed during the School hours. ifthe concern is urgent, information will be passed on duly.
  • Any Student seeking exemption from the P.T or games ought to produce a certificate from the physician. A written application from the Parents to the effect should be produced as well.
  • Students should be clean and tidy. It is mandatory to come 10 School in School uniform.
  • Students come to the class with their lessons well-prepared and the home-work completed.
  • The School Diary should be brought to the School daily.
  • Running, playing and shouting aloud inside the School buildinil is strictly forbidden.
  • Students are advised to move to the class room in silence and in single queue at all times. They are recommended to keep to the left side as far as possible.
  • Students should be particularly careful not to throw any waste, especially fruit peels anywhere in the school premises. The bins provided for the purpose must be used.
  • No Student should remain in the classroom during the P. T. or games period unless permitted by the Principal.
  • Students are responsible to the School authorities for their conduct in School; they are also responsible for their behaviour in general, outside School. Any reported or observed conduct out of School, which is objectionable, shall make them liable to disciplinary action.
  • Students are not allowed to enter classrooms other than their own.
  • Any article of the School if/ when found inside School or in its premises, ought to be handed over to the School Office.
  • As the medium of instruction is English at the Assisi School, every Pupil is expected to speak in English language ONLY.
  • Students should strictly avoid acts such as scribbling, writing. scratching ... on walls or on furniture.
  • Students are advised to bring along their tiffin daily. If a Student fails to do that for three consecutive days, Parent/Guardian may be called to the School to explain the matter.
  • Permission of the Principal is required for the following:
    (a) To make a monetary collection for whatever purpose.
    (b) To arrange a party, picnic or meeting
    (c) To join a Sport Meet or to participate in a sport event not arranged by the Assisi School.
    (d) To offer presents to the SChool Teachers or to stage demonstrations in their favour.
    (e) To produce private tuitions from the School Teachers.

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